Southern Kootenay Summer Paradise


Itinerary By: Allison Unti

Breakfast Suggestion:

Baked goods from Hooper’s and Coffee at Alpine Grind in Rossland

Morning Activities:

Get some early morning sun and hiking in with one of the many trails around Rossland. Gotta work up a sweat with your buddies before it gets too hot. If you pick the right trail you’ll find some tasty huckleberries for a treat. Gotta fill up a bag or container if you got one!

Lunch Suggestion:

Stop at Ferraro Foods for some bread, cold cuts, veggies and fruit for a beach picnic

Afternoon Activities:

Hit the beach! Gyro park is family friendly but my favourite is Rock Island out by Waneta Plaza. The jumping in the icy waters then lying out on a hot rock is a feeling that can’t be beat. Add in some music, friends and ice cold coffee or beer from The Rossland Beer Company. You are in paradise.

Dinner Suggestion:

The amazing burger specials at the Trail Beer Refinery

Evening Activities:

Find a spot along the river just before sunset and drop a line! As all the river moths come out the rainbow trout will be biting. I always go with my dad, growing up in Sunningdale, he know how to ride the currents and find out where the fish are snacking.

To finish of the evening, take a 20 minute drive up the mountain in Fruitvale for a bonfire with your friends. It’s a view you can’t take your eyes away from all the trail and Montrose city light below you. You’ll be roasting marshmallows and laughing until the late hours of the night after another perfect Kootenay summer day.